HomeLyceum of the Philippines–Journal of Arts and Sciencesvol. 3 no. 2 (2019)

Decorum in Eucharistic Celebration

Myren Jule A Pineda | Celia A Tibayan



Eucharistic celebration is one of the most important sacred events for every Catholic. However, due to influences of modern culture and tradition, many Catholics do not observe proper decorum when attending the mass. Hence, the researcher aimed to promote decorum in Eucharistic celebration in the form of infographic video, infographic poste and local mobile application. With those multimedia materials produced, the researcher also aimed to determine the assessment of target audiences in terms of attractiveness, comprehensibility, acceptability, self-involvement and persuasion. Overall assessment shows that the infographic video, infographic poster, and local mobile application, as well as the Facebook page, as the marketing material, were all rated as outstanding of the targeted audiences. With the given results, the researcher recommends that the multimedia materials can be beneficial and can be used by the Roman Catholics, parish priests, ministry leaders, churches, students and future researchers. Recommendations were also given for the enhancements of the said materials.