HomeLyceum of the Philippines–Journal of Arts and Sciencesvol. 3 no. 2 (2019)

Tinta: A Tattoo Profession Documentary

Jorell B Gredona | Celia A Tibayan



The study is about the tattoo profession in the Philippines. As a tattoo artist for six years, the researcher himself experienced the challenges in learning the art of tattooing since there are no schools that offer programs on the particular art. And so, the researcher wanted to help the community by producing multimedia outputs in the form of documentary video, video teaser, and poster. The main objectives are as follows: (1) to promote the tattoo profession in the Philippines; (2) to inspire aspiring tattoo artists; and (3) to educate them about the profession and their responsibility to the clients and the community; (3) to produce beneficiary materials for future tattoo artists about the tattoo profession in the form of documentary video, documentary video teaser and poster (4) to determine the assessment of the target audience on the multimedia and marketing materials in terms of attractiveness, comprehensibility, acceptability; self-involvement and persuasion. Product testing of the outputs shows that the overall assessment of the documentary video in in all the components were all rated as outstanding. Marketing materials, on the other hand, were both rated as outstanding. The study is concluded to be successful as it has reached its objectives with positive comments of the target audience with all the outputs assessed as outstanding. The researcher suggests some improvements for the project outputs.