HomeLyceum of the Philippines–Journal of Engineering and Computer Studiesvol. 4 no. 1 (2018)


Derrick J Castillo | Ryan Christopher S Mejia | Kim Jairus B Mendoza



Being in the twentieth century, it is undeniable that technology is playing a vital role in the lives of everyone. As time passes by, technology continues to grow and flourish as more studies are being done. The proponents took hold of that concept and applied it in the field of agriculture, thus producing another method of planting. Automatic seeder is basically the application of technology to the seeder activities done manually. This paper presented an automated seeder system using python programming, both were implemented in Raspbian Operating System. A Raspberry Pi 3 was used for the hardware part as a control mechanism. Code processing was done by the use of terminal panel in Raspbian to control the motion of the seeder. A stepper belt system was implemented to run the stepper motor which was controlled by the Raspberry Pi. Series of tests were conducted to test the functionality of the system. Results showed that the system was quite accurate with about 80 % of recognition rate, with roughly 21 cycles per hour.