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Maria Antonette L Villanueva | Ma. Mariela Villapando | Charlotte Laurena | Charlynne Ann Laurena



As the technology is emerging around the world, the development of technology is contributing a great result for the development of our economy and it also helps our living to be more convenient. This project is a learning system that helps to improve quality of education and makes studying and generating reports easier. St. John the Evangelist Church is a public use property located in A. Mabini Avenue, Tanauan City, Batangas. It accepts reservation manually. Client reservation has two options, it can be made through cell phone or landline or the client can go to the parochial office personally to inquire and make the reservation. In reserving for the services in St. John the Evangelist Church, the secretary browses on a record book for the service and will manually find if the reservation date and time is available for that day. If the service is not available in the preferred schedule of the client the secretary will ask for another time and date and will check again if it is available. Then the secretary will ask the information of the person and the requirements for making reservation. After the client had completed the reservation, he/she will have to pay the fee for the service and will be given a receipt. The fee for each service varies and depends on the details added in each service, in wedding service from simple nuptial mass to nuptial mass with ctd with additional carpet and flowers the price would range to 1,650.