HomeLPU-Laguna Journal of Engineering and Computer Studiesvol. 4 no. 2 (2019)

Design and Implementation of an Arduino-Based Security System Using Laser Light

Arianne B Arjona | Pauline Kaye M Bautista | Jocelyn E Edma | Maria Idda Jemima P Martel | Erika Dyan N Octavio | Neil P. Balba



A study regarding the design and implementation of an Arduino-based security system using laser light was made to help users secure their homes due to increasing crimes. This laser security system is activated once the switch is pressed. Then, if something or someone passed through between the laser light and light dependent resistor, the buzzer will automatically make a sound. During the test, it shows that the prototype is 80 percent successful. The researchers were able to determine and utilize the functionalities of the laser, light dependent resistor, and the Arduino as the microcontroller. Therefore, the researchers conclude that this research is a success.