HomeLyceum of the Philippines–Journal of Engineering and Computer Studiesvol. 4 no. 2 (2019)

Design and Implementation of the Proposed Two-Storey Multi-Purpose Green Building at Brgy. Bagong Pook, Malvar Batangas

Kim Carlo A Lat | Airra Joyce M Lat | Jeo Cedric P Penaloza



The office of Barangay Bagong Pook in Malvar, Batangas seeks to design and construct a multi-purpose green building. This will be a two-storey structure with green innovations. The Green Design of the structure must be studied comprehensively to ensure its almost 100 percent efficiency. The Green Design ’s main purpose is to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient, taking advantage of renewable resources. To be able to adhere to the green engineering design of the project, the proponents must research on the most effective and efficient designs for each. The design project must identify the most fitting system for the situation without risking the design and safety of the people. In this project design, the group of Civil Engineering students attempted to design the green building which is intended for different purposes such as a venue for activities, a place for public and private meetings, and a building that can also serve as an evacuation center. The construction of this proposed project design has an estimated cost of Php 2,848,567.69 and can be completed in 162 days.