HomeLPU-Laguna Journal of Engineering and Computer Studiesvol. 4 no. 2 (2019)

Design and Implementation of Water Velocity Monitoring System Based on Hydropower Generation and Antonyan Vardan Transform (AVT) Statistics

John Darell C Aguda | Ma. Ramona A Alcantara | Jomalyn F Bueser | Favis Joseph C Balinado



Philippines is an archipelago situated along the typhoon belt in the western Pacific Ocean that makes it susceptible to flooding. Although flood can be easily anticipated, instances occur wherein it can rise at a very short notice. On cases like this, in order to reduce the risk of disaster before the danger materializes, the study, design and implementation of water velocity monitoring system based on hydropower generation and Antonyan Vardan Transform (AVT) Statistics is presented. The project aims on designing and implementing a system capable of monitoring river flow velocity and transmitting warning messages based on the water velocity of the San Juan River through the employment of sensor, microprocessors, and wireless technology. The hardware structure of the system comprised of a voltage sensor, Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi 3, HC-12 module, and GSM module. The software structure, on the other hand, employed the Arduino IDE and Raspbian Jessie platforms. The AVT statistics is used to filter out unacceptable readings. During system testing, an average accuracy of 98.33 percent and standard deviation of 0.0032 were observed.