HomeThe PASCHR Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2018)

Gross Happiness (GH) Among Household Women in Guimaras: Its Effect on Economic Development

Julieta Galila-infante



What makes people happy? This study aimed at determining the gross happiness of household women in Guimaras and its effect on economic development. Using a descriptive research design employing mixed methods, 49 coastal barangays were covered and employing lottery technique based on location, sample size of 390 coastal women respondents were chosen computed through Slovin formula. A stratified systematic random sampling was adopted identifying sample spot to indicate starting point, adopting a survey method, a face-to-face interview using paper questionnaire. Processing and analysis were done using simple statistics and narrations on the experiences of women respondents. Results revealed, coastal women were very happy with their involvement on the different sources/domains of happiness and were just happy with regards to their appreciation on the external factors affecting their personal happiness. On the individual domain, they were very happy being with the family, having acquired education, being active in sex life, having income and financial security, lovelife engagement, involvement in religion and spiritual work, and in leisure and sports. While they were happy to be involved in community and volunteer work, having technological know-how, with current work, being with friends, with good health, and having food on the table. While they personally appreciated and felt happy on the present environment, the performance of the government and local politics, as well as easy access through social media. However, their level of happiness are also being affected by some family issues such as their children’s future, food security, living expenses for better life upon retirement and unemployment. They equated their happiness with the economic developments in the island province. They felt happy with the on-going infrastructure projects, social programs of the government, socio-economic benefits availment from economic developments, increasing tourism facilities, healthy business environment, employment opportunities, other community and livelihood projects and access to health services, though there is an artificial decline in economy due to the sea tragedy happened which resulted on the difficulty in transporting goods from Iloilo to Guimaras and vice versa which slightly slowed down the business environment.