HomeScience Asia Reviewvol. 1 no. 1 (2020)


Aldwin Yves M Oyao | Jon Alvin Macariola



Burning of fossil fuels is over reaching the countries pollution, heat generated by the large power plant is a big contributor of global warming and the global demand of alternative renewable energy source is increased. One solution is awakening the new generation design of free energy. The researchers discovered the old sleeping circular motion of water which is called the hydro vortex. This vortex motion extracts the small to large scale of energy. Through the means of water medium inside the conical cylindrical container/tank which is about 75% filled, the system is equipped with pressurize centrifugal pump 0.25 horsepower, the water recirculates thru the hydro vortex system by pumping pressurized water and increased water velocity by means of nozzle and sprayed directly into the water vortex turbine which is directly coupled with the shaft and pulleys. Also, the embedded stationary pump helps the system build-up pressure and directly sprays the turbine. The system produces the circular motion called water vortex, this vortex initially and finally rotates the water turbine inside the tank compartment that results to torsional motion of turbine shaft attached to the pulleys and connected at the main electric generator. It provides 30% of generated power for the whole system operation such us, auxiliary devices, pumps and controls, and 70% of generated power output that are met for providing power source to the connected load. One of the features of this free energy device is portable generator that can easily install and energize the power to supply electrical load demand. And this system is fuel less, emission less, environmental friendly device and cost less operation.