HomeInternational Social Science Reviewvol. 1 no. 1 (2020)

Public administration, Magsasaka Siyentista, community-based farming, descriptive design, Davao Oriental, Tarragona, Cateel, Boston, Philippines, Asia

Roel F Marcial



Double enactment of roles, divorce, and separation were the dramatic findings in the study, Impact of the Siege on Women Survivors in Zamboanga City. It aimed to determine the reproductive roles and socioeconomic effects utilizing descriptive quantitative and qualitativephenomenological design via FGDs among twenty (20) women survivors, in-depth interviews for five (5) key informants and community observation analysis on the two transitory sites. The study revealed that poverty situation has increased recently due to loss of homes and socio-economic opportunities continuous increase of dropouts in elementary and secondary levels; and problems on public transport, expensive fare, and financial and economic setbacks. However, free water and electricity government supply obtained satisfactory impressions. Hence, the study recommends: First, massive and longitudinal livelihood programs and training may be conducted strengthening women’s expansive and extensive development of skills, crafts, and sustainability in financial and socioeconomic demands; Second, periodic monitoring-recording of students’ drop-out be conducted, localized or redirected on nearest affected schools; Third, women should serve as neutralizers-negotiators in any conflicts or peace deliberations; Fourth, educate everyone on the symbiotic spouses roles of equity and equality to avoid “double enactment of roles” among women; Lastly, an immense need for marital counseling services from psychologists or counselors, lawyers, social workers, community developers, religious sectors, and NGOs deemed for holistic healing and reconciliation process.