HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 33 no. 1 (2020)

Green Bar Practices and Environmental and Waste Management in Deluxe Hotels in Metro Manila

Roel Palo Anicas



The hotel industry forms a large part of the tourism industry, and if not managed properly, it can be detrimental to social functions. It is the purpose of the study to present the green bar practices of selected deluxe hotels in Metro Manila and to assess the extent of compliance of the green bar practices delimited in terms of cost savings, competitive advantage, employee retention, customer loyalty, regulatory compliance, risk management, and cause it’s the right thing to do. Descriptive design was used with hotel-bar employees as respondents from 5 bars in deluxe hotels in Metro Manila, using percentage, frequency, and weighted mean as statistical tools. Results revealed that the following are the green bar practices such as buying “green” spirits, recycling empty bottles, ditch the disposable and plastic barware, buy used or quality tools and glassware, buy fresh local mixers and garnishes, knowledgeable on how to use properly and make ice, conserving energy, lighting management, and clean green. On the extent of compliance of green bar practices, the following are the ranking: cost savings, risk management, customer loyalty, regulatory compliance, cause it’s the right thing to do, competitive advantage, and employee retention ranked 1 to 7; respectively. It was recommended that on establishing an effective green bar practice, a Green Bar Hospitality Program should be developed considering the following: energy consumption, waste (reuse and recycling), water, pollution prevention, further use of local products, and health, safety, and sanitation.