HomeThe Paulinian Compassvol. 4 no. 2 (2017)

Perceived Job Competencies of BS Tourism Management Students vis-à-vis ASEAN Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals in Travel Services

Katrina Jolina C Gueta | Mary Jhay R Reambonanza | Charmaine R Rocafort | Elizabeth Ramos



This study is about the Perceived Job Competencies of BSTM students vis-à-vis ASEAN Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals in Travel Services. The respondents were all 4th year regular BSTM students of St. Paul University Manila. The research design used in the study was Quantitative method, specifically descriptive survey method. The researchers found out that the BSTM students are competent in all ASEAN competency standards for tourism professionals in travel services. The tourism courses that enable the BSTM students to acquire the needed competencies are Tourism Planning and Development, Travel Agency Management and Tour Operations, Total Quality Management, Information Technology in Tourism, Philippine Tourism or Domestic Tourism, Transportation Management, Tourism Marketing, Events Management, Principles of Tourism II, and World Tourism. The recommendations of the students to enhance the needed competencies were divided into four categories: a) Curriculum and Instruction, b) TESDA certification, c) Co-curricular activities, and d) student initiative.