HomeThe Paulinian Compassvol. 4 no. 3 (2017)

Rise Above The Hate: A Step Towards Beating Cyber Bullying Among Paulinians in St. Paul University Manila

Mae Riacharlotte G Contemplacion | Sophia Vivien P Dadula | Kristen Faith S Lagrimas | Audrey Kym A Nadura | Yza Angela E Turingan | Oliver Rodriguez



The primary aim of the study is to establish an input to advocate against cyberbullying in Paulinian communities, beginning with St. Paul University (SPU) Manila. The researchers conducted a focus group discussion with eight students of St. Paul University Manila aged 18 years old and above. Facebook and Twitter surfaced as two of the most commonly used platforms for cyber bullying. It was agreed between the participants that ignoring negative posts is the most effective way to prevent cyberbullying. With the data gathered, the researchers formulated three audio visual presentations to raise awareness about cyberbullying and contribute to the bevy of efforts to support anti-cyberbullying campaigns: a) The first video mainly contains basic information on cyber bullying, its platforms, and effects on the victim; b) The statistics of the data collected in the deliberation in the focus group discussion appear on the second presentation; c) In the last video, viewers will find several ways a victim can take to prevent being assaulted online. In conclusion, the researchers urge SPU Manila to stand up and break the status quo, help spread the word, and inspire everyone to rise above the hate.