HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 1 (2009)

Mitigating Measures and Level of Preparedness against Risks and Disasters among Local Government Units

Jofi Valdehueza Mahilum

Discipline: Governance



The study determined the mitigating measures and level of preparedness against risks and disasters among local government units in Region 10, Northern Mindanao, Philippines. The descriptive research design was used and supported by quantitative and qualitative approaches in data analysis and interpretation. The 250 barangay captains of the provinces were the respondents. The cluster sampling was used in the selection of the respondents. Two sets of data gathering tools were used namely: Likert-type questionnaire and Interview Guide. The statistical techniques used were the weighted mean and multiple regression analysis. The dominant political governance of the local government units is the proactive approach wherein all necessary mitigating measures are prepared in advance rather than making the preparations after the occurrence of risks and disasters. The most salient mitigating measures are risk/disaster prevention/reduction planning. Operationally, the LGUs are prepared on the best response against risk and disaster in terms of decisions and appropriate actions. However, the LGUs are only partially prepared in terms of availability of resources in the implementation of contingency plans, post-disaster recovery, and reconstruction activities. The LGUs level of preparedness against risks and disasters are significantly determined by proactive political governance and risk/disaster prevention/reduction planning.