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Marine-derived Streptomyces as Sources of Bioactive Compounds with Potential Pharmaceutical Applications

Julyanna R Bruna | Sheeny Fane L Leonida | Diana S Amago | Angelica Marie V Aguadera | May C Octaviano | Lucille S Bolivar | Leeman Jigs C Ambata | Jonel P Saludes | Doralyn S Dalisay



For decades now, Streptomyces species have been the front runners for sources of natural products. Most of these natural products are derived from terrestrial Streptomyces. Recently, however, there has been a shift of focus to marine derived Streptomyces. It has become the new subject for potential source of biologically active natural compounds. The never-ending search for natural compound for drug development has become the hallmark of interest in natural products research. Various aspects of biological activities are explored for potential pharmaceutical applications of these products. This review discusses the antibacterial properties of natural products from Streptomyces species which have been one of the most tackled studies in the past decades. The test pathogens range from reference pathogens to multi drug resistant clinical pathogens. These studies are basic, however, they provide the most profound understanding of natural compound properties. The rise of cancer as one of the deadliest conditions has demanded for therapeutic and potential anticancer drugs. Anticancer studies are becoming the new trend in research. It encourages researchers to focus in natural product studies, especially that of Streptomyces, which produce majority of clinically significant anticancer agents in the market. Moreover, the review discusses the antioxidant properties of marine-derived Streptomyces and its anti-inflammatory properties that closely relates to infectious disease drug development. The antiviral properties of the Streptomyces secondary metabolites is also gradually gaining attention in the field of natural products studies. In relation to this, vaccine development for viral diseases is now becoming more relevant due to the recent novel SARS-COV-2 virus that has plagued the world. Antiparasitic applications of Streptomyces compounds will also be discussed as it is an essential aspect for infectious disease and protozoan studies. Marine derived Streptomyces studies from the Philippines recently made its debut in publications reflecting the rising interest on marine Streptomyces research. The rise of marine derived Streptomyces natural products is beginning to gain wide recognition as profound understanding and new curiosity for this potential hotspot for drug development continues to ascend. Each section of this review paper presents the different compounds in various forms of peptides, polyketides, terpenoids, and other products of marine-derived Streptomyces. This review paper aims to inform the readers on the different marine Streptomyces natural products and its pharmaceutical applications that have been discovered for the past five years.