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Impact of Campus Ministry to Augustinian Students

Rev. Fr. Rodel D Magin, OSA



This study aimed to determine the impact of the University of San Agustin-Campus Ministry Office (USA-CMO) in terms of physical facilities, services (spiritual-religious activities, formation activities, community-building), and campus ministry staff when grouped according to college/department. This is anchored on the idea of Samples (2016), which associates the impact of campus ministry to the spiritual development of the students it serves and asserts that understanding the role that campus ministry organizations play in students' spiritual development allows institutions to realize the need and importance of these organizations on college campuses. In this study, a questionnaire-checklist with a formulated scale was used to determine the impact of the Campus Ministry among Augustinian students who graduate during the Academic Year 2017-2018 from different colleges/departments of the University of San Agustin. Results showed that graduating Augustinian students were very highly satisfied with the services of USA-CMO in terms of physical facilities, spiritual-religious activities, community building, and the campus ministry staff. The findings simply manifest that the USA-CMO has been effective in delivering their services for the Augustinian students. Thus, certain measures should be developed to maintain and further improve the quality of services that USA-CMO offers to Augustinians.