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How Augustinian Are We? (Integrating the Augustinian Values in Instruction)

Carmen C. Menes



Augustinian education is one of the primary conduits of the Catholic Church for the formation of sense of values of the youth. The Augustinian pedagogy is two-pronged, the formation of the heart and formation of the mind. The extent to which Augustinian values are articulated in the different subject areas in the Integrated School of an Augustinian-Marian Catholic institution was investigated in this descriptive-quantitative study. A smooth weaving of the ten Augustinian values in various subjects of both the grade school and junior high school is reflected in the results, that is, very great extent. Efforts such as periodic evaluation and regular training may be directed towards sustaining the integration of values. Further studies may also be considered to validate the results and provide understanding as to how the integration of the values is weaved with various topics.