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Teaching in a Highly Political Academic Environment: Narratives from a Local University in the Philippines

Zaldy C Collado



The article examined the relationship of faculty members’ workplace well-being to their commitment to stay in their current teaching jobs. The study involved seven faculty members of a local university in the Philippines. Local universities and colleges (LUCs) are run by the local government units (LGUs). Through key informant interviews, qualitative data were obtained and then were thematically analyzed. Results revealed lower levels of workplace well-being among faculty members owing to their poor employment status, inadequate compensation, and deficient faculty development program within a highly political environment of their workplace which contributed further to decreasing workplace well-being. However, faculty members refused to leave their posts. The paper argued that the non-experience of workplace well-being does not predict workplace commitment in a student teacher career environment. The article hoped to affect new policy directions that save these learning environments from deep political entanglement to protect teachers’ development.