HomeScience Asia Reviewvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)


Zenon A. Matos, Jr. | Danilo R. Sugot | Marivel B. Aljas | Jhade P. Baguio | Claudine M. Abapo | Michelle Vhan P. Mangao



The study was conducted to design and develop a mobile application for a sustainable organic rice cultivation guide for the local farmers in the municipality of Dumingag. It was explicitly undertaken to realize the following objectives; to develop a module that provides the local farmers in cultivating their rice fields; to develop a module that provides related articles in sustainable organic agriculture; to develop a module that provides a comprehensive organic pest control tips, organic fertilizer tips, and techniques. The researcher used the rapid application development method to fasten the application development because of the time constraint. Data were gathered through interviewing stakeholders of the local government unit of Dumingag. The sustainable agriculture book of Dumingag was used as a reference for the system’s content. It was implemented using android programming language, and PHP & MYSQL for the backend. Furthermore, the system was tested by the stakeholders and garnered above average in terms of system usability. The newly developed mobile application helps local farmers in guiding them cultivates their rice fields and in formulating organic pest control tips and techniques. However, the integration of the organic rice seed producer to further enhanced the study.