HomeProgressio Journal on Human Developmentvol. 4 no. 1 (2010)

PDRS: Cycle in Collaborative Learning and Enhancing Critical Thinking among Students

Ma. Jessica P. Campano

Discipline: Education



This paper analyzes how effective collaborative learning is when conducted through PDRS (Planning, Doing, Reviewing and Sharing) in enhancing critical thinking skills. The cycle of PDRS featured in the Intel Teach Getting Started Course Participant Teacher Edition 1.0 states that the ability of students to think critically and to collaborate meaningfully with classmates occurs best within a cycle of their generating and improving their work. A group Pre-Test, Post-Test design was employed to measure this through selected word processing and spreadsheet activities. Reflections from the students on the cycle of PDRS posted in the class portal were evaluated and categorized according to responses. Mean scores of outputs before and after PDRS were administered using paired sample test. Findings reveal that PDRS is an effective tool in promoting collaboration and in enhancing critical thinking.