The Level of Students Restroom Satisfaction of Saint Michael College of Caraga, Philippines

Rinajoy L. Dagoc | Angel A. Manundo | Maria Gialyn S. Paler | Devah Ann M. Quintana | Chrystal Dane M. Salem | Charina B. Yabut



Satisfaction is the showing of fulfilling a need, desire, or appetite, or the inclination picked up from such satisfaction that deals with the problem or complaint in a satisfactory way. The study aimed to determine the Level of Student Restroom Satisfaction of Saint Michael College of Caraga. This research used a descriptive design consisting of the survey method to collect applicable information. The result shows that the leading factors that mostly affect the restroom amenities are the fragrance, followed by the overall space, and cleanliness. The researchers hereby conclude that most of Saint Michael College of Caraga students are satisfied with the school toilet. Confirmation/disconfirmation hypothesis Yuksel & Yuksel (2001) proposes that clients contrast another administration experience and a standard they have created. Since it was discovered that the students are satisfied but unfortunately not very satisfied with the conveniences that respect to Cleanliness, Fragrance and Overall Space, in any case, some students said to be less fulfilled. Their conviction about the administration is dictated by how well it measures up to this standard. It was recommended that the administrators, correct or proper monitoring regarding the amenities is a must to improve the restroom’s quality. It should be the cleanliness, fragrance and overall space must be conducted to achieve students’ satisfaction and improve its services