HomeProgressio Journal on Human Developmentvol. 4 no. 1 (2010)

A Cinematographic Analysis of Freestyle’s Arm/Elbow Recovery Techniques Among Advanced Swimmers

Norman L. Anas

Discipline: Education



To determine if arm recovery can produce better performance in freestyle, this study was conducted and employed the cinematographic analysis of high and wide elbow/arm recovery techniques to the speed in freestyle among advanced swimmers. The intervening variables of shoulder flexibility, arm strength, leg strength, height, weight, and years of swimming experience were assumed to have an impact both on the independent and dependent variables. Tests on significant relationships were conducted using Pearson r Correlation. Aside from the cinematographic analysis, the descriptive correlation design was used, particularly it employed frequency count, percentage distribution, and mean to analyze the data. Findings reveal that the respondents had good shoulder flexibility, excellent leg strength but poor arm strength, short height, and light weight. The results also indicate that arm strength and height had negative significant relationships with high arm/elbow recovery and in the wide arm/elbow recovery, only height was found to be of negative significance.