HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Criminal Justice)vol. 3 no. 1 (2020)

Security Services of Saint Michael College of Caraga

Cres John Lauro | Joemarie Badiang | JHUN MARK S PATLUNAG



The tribal justice processes are part of a well-structured, time-proven social system geared towards reconciliation, maintenance, and social relationships improvement. The purpose of the study was to give an insight to the readers about the Higaonon Tribe Justice System. This study utilizes descriptive and qualitative approaches, specifically observation and immersion. The findings concluded that all violations that had happened within their tribal community should be settled within their tribal justice court. The result also revealed that the proven guilty should pay according to the gravity of the offense. However, when the suspect cannot afford the victims’ side’s demands, all Datu/Tribal Leaders will help. It was recommended that the legal department of the Municipality of Buenavista would conduct a Para- Legal Justice training to build the capacities of recognized mediators and potential leaders in the tribal criminal justice system to enhance their existing local knowledge. Through the Barangay officials and Police officer, the government shall introduce ‘’jail’’ into the tribal community to help government solve jail congestion. Moreover, the tribal council should appoint members of the barangay to record the settlement (paghusay) by having a hard document. These records will contain the date, time, and venue, persons attending during the hearing, and agreements or decisions. Thus, this record will significantly help for future reference.