HomeProgressio Journal on Human Developmentvol. 5 no. 1 (2011)

Rhetoric of Care and the Status of Elderly Homes in Northern Mindanao

Wenna B. Damulo

Discipline: Health



This paper discusses the results of a study conducted on the status of facilities for the elderly in Region X or Northern Mindanao, Philippines. Evaluation is anchored on two domains: (1) registration, licensing, and accreditation and (2) service capability of the elderly facilities. Interviews were made with the personnel and volunteers of five elderly care facilities in the region. Only these five facilities have withered time and have remained standing. The rest closed down due to various reasons, but mostly budget deficit. The five facilities included in the study are all privately-managed. Data from these interviews were juxtaposed with the narratives of the elderly on their facilities for a triangulated analysis and the researcher’s personal observation on the condition of these facilities.