HomeMALAYvol. 32 no. 2 (2020)

Locating Bulakenyo Cinema: Discourse and Perspective of Selected Directors from Bulacan

David R Corpuz



The democratization of digital technology has led to the flourishing of Philippine independent cinema. The recognition of regional cinema, films that reflect stories and experiences from the provinces, is also an important development. These films have allowed filmmakers who are outside of the center to create films based on narratives situated in their places using their perspectives as locals. Beneath the discourses on emerging cinematic cultures in the regions comes the almost absence of the works of Bulakenyo filmmakers in the discussions of regional cinema. This study aims to explain this absence through the narratives gathered from the interviews with four filmmakers who identify as Bulakenyo, who also reflected on the significance of incorporating their regional identities in film practice. This study also offers recommendations on how to develop Bulakenyo cinema, which aims to contribute to the emerging discussions on Philippine national cinema.