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Development of an Inventory and Service Management System for an Auto Repair Shop using Agile Methodology

Monalisa Nicole A. Roque | Kim Luke Kwan | Samantha A. Montiague | Rey Vincenzo Y Cruz



In an analysis of Cruven Auto Specialist’s business operation, researchers found that the company's operations and business processes are prone to errors due to how they manage their information. Cruven mainly stores their data in a spreadsheet, where data such as inventory, customer, and sales invoice records, could be prone to error by its users and be easily accessed and manipulated by unauthorized personnel. The objective is to create a new information system that would help the company to have a smooth business operation. The system would contain functionalities that would allow the employees to manage their customers and services and track their inventory and sales invoice. The finished product will be tested and evaluated by Cruven Auto Specialist. Agile Methodology would be used to create this system.