HomeCMU Journal of Sciencevol. 23 no. 2 (2019)

Physico-Chemical Properties of the Fish Pond Water in CMU, Bukidnon, Philippines

Gloria Jesusa D. Baltazar



Good water quality is a key component of sustainable aquaculture production. The present study reports the water physico-chemical properties of selected fish ponds in Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon, Philippines. The values of the parameters ranged from pH 8.36-8.64, 26.73-27.61 °C temperature, 203-211 μS/cm electrical conductivity, 98-128 NTU turbidity, 13.04-13.78 mg/L dissolved oxygen, 0.095-0.104 g/L total dissolved solids, 73.2-81.9 mg CaCO3/L total alkalinity, 91.0-101.9 mg CaCO3/L total hardness, 11.18-27.86 mg/L sulfate, 0.44-1.08 mg/L chloride, 24.61-50.52 mg/L phosphate, <0.001 mg/L cadmium, <0.01 mg/L lead, and <0.001 mg/L mercury. These findings conformed to the water quality guidelines for aquaculture production except for turbidity and phosphate content. Chloride concentrations were also remarkably low. It is recommended to conduct regular monitoring of the physico-chemical parameters of the pond water, and undertake corrective measures to reduce turbidity and phosphate to an acceptable level and increase the chloride to a level specifically suitable for catfish production.