HomeCMU Journal of Sciencevol. 23 no. 2 (2019)

Growth and Profitability of Broilers with Vermimeal on Ration Under Two Management

Marcos Bollido



The study was conducted to evaluate the growth and profitability of broilers in the different levels of vermi (Eisenia fetida) meal ration under two management systems. 120 day old chicks were tested in Randomized Complete Block Design with 4 treatments: commercial feeds, 2% vermi meal (vm)+local ingredients(li), 3% vm+li, 5% vm+li in three replications. Result revealed that total confinement (TC) had higher body weight (bw) and weight gain (wg) with a difference of 35.60 grams and 36.90 grams respectively compared to that of free-range (FR) that had lesser feed consumption (fc) with a difference of 81.10 grams and high in net income and ROI. Infeed ration, fc increased when given a higher percentage of vm, and it was significantly different from the commercial feeds (cf). In 3 different levels of vm, though they did not have a significant difference to each other, the 2% level of vm was comparable to cf and showed a difference in terms of bw 296.70 grams in TC; 326.00 grams in FR. In wg 296.67 grams in TC and 370.97 grams in FR in both management systems. Consequently, 2% level vm had an optimum result in final body weight, wg, and high in feed conversion.