HomeDDC Professional Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2019)

A Path Analysis of Meaningful Work Experiences of Nurses as Estimated by Burnout, Grit, and Self-Awareness

Blaise B. Nieve | Marie Grace Beñales | Stella Mickaella Amaeia | Felix C. Chavez Jr.



This study estimated the causal relationships of burnout, grit, and self-awareness towards meaningful work experiences of nurses. Using survey questionnaires, data were gathered from 80 purposively-selected, currently-practicing registered nurses who were also enrolled in the Master of Arts in Nursing program. The data from these respondents were then run through bootstrapping to 200 bootstrap samples. Path analysis was used to identify the best-fitting causal model as examined by the following goodness of fit indices: Chisquare/degrees of Freedom, Root Mean Square of Error Approximation, Tucker-Lewis Index and Comparative Index. The best-fitting model identified suggests that grit and burnout have positive and negative direct causal effects on meaningful work experiences, respectively. This result opens up the need for healthcare institutions and administrators to institute programs directed towards enhancing the grittiness of nurses and on reducing the perennial problem of burnout that these nurses suffer from.