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Awareness on Dissemination and Publication Process of the Master of Arts in Nursing Graduates of a Private Higher Education Institution in Davao City: Basis for A Proposed Intervention Program

John Walther Abehb S Lauban | Blaise B. Nieve



The process of disseminating and publishing research findings is an important part of the research process. For this reason, this study, using a descriptive research design, was conducted to determine the awareness of research dissemination and publication process of the Master of Arts in Nursing graduates of a private higher education institution in Davao City. This study was conducted at different locations within and outside the City of Davao. Seventy-four out of the 97 Master of Arts in Nursing graduates of the College from 2014 to 2018 – all selected through purposive sampling technique – consented to participate in the full conduct of the study. A researcher-made survey questionnaire which garnered Cronbach’s alpha results of Familiarity (α=.89), Priority (α=.891), Importance (α=.821) was used for the data gathering which spanned from December 2018 to April 2019. Results showed that most of the respondents were aged between 21-40 years old (74 out of 74; 100%), females (47 out of 74; 63.51%), married (37 out of 74; 50%), master’s degree holders (68 out of 74; 91.89%), earning PHP 30,000 and higher (22 out of 74; 29.73%), and were affiliated with private hospitals (27 out of 74; 36.49%). The respondents had a mean of 4.19 in terms of their familiarity, 3.82 in terms of priority, and 3.88 in terms of their importance towards research dissemination and publication process. In general, it has been identified that the respondents need enrichment on knowing about the peer review process, hence an intervention program for such concern was recommended.