HomeSulo: Journal of Student-Faculty Researchvol. 9 no. 1 (2007)

Factors Affecting the Level of Academic Performance of the 3rd year Students in English 22

Alibasher Linog | Dalia Buslon | Arianne Leuterio | Gerald Macarandan | Noeme Ubarco

Discipline: Education



The Problem

Capitol University aims to produce “Globally Competitive-Learning Environment” and so it is evident that we expect excellent result from the students to become globally competitive graduates. Moreover, it is inevitable that there are factors that may affect the academic performance of the students. As researchers, we will do a study of how these factors contribute to the academic performance in English 22 (World’s Masterpieces) of the third year education students of Capitol University, S.Y. 2007-2008. 

To realize this, we come up with five factors such as their age, sex, civil status, parents’ monthly income and study habits which we infer plays vital role in their level of academic performance in the aforesaid subject.

The Academic Performance, evidently-based on students output and/or performance inside the classroom and through school practices, focused plans with measurable goals, and ongoing support from higher performing peers--helps forge a reflective learning culture designed to prepare all students to enter their chosen colleges or careers.

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