HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Computing Journal)vol. 3 no. 1 (2020)

Implementation of Frequent Pattern (FP)-Growth Algorithm for Comparative Analysis on Teacher’s Performance Evaluation Results

Marlon Juhn M Timogan



The performance of teachers in a claass has been the center of attention for the most educational sector. The primary purpose of this project was to design develop and implement a system for comparative analysis on teacher’s performance evaluation results for Saint Michael College of Caraga. The algorithm should be applied for the accurate generation and comparison of results on the existing performance evaluation system. Based on the development phase, the system was able to achive its objective. The administrator created add user that allowed them to log in. The users are allowed to view evaluation results from certain school year and semester. It also allows users to compare results from the past academic year to the present and generate printed reports. The user can modify his/her account and set school year dates of evaluation. It was recommended that the instructor, program head, department dean, and the head of the Human Resource Development Office of the Saint Michael College of Caraga, are encouraged to implement and utilize the system. In addition, before the system should be put into full operation, training for the users should be conducted. Moreover, the system needs statistical features and a high-end support framework for data analysis to guarantee the correctness of data and rationality of evaluation results.