HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Multidisciplinary Journal)vol. 8 no. 1 (2021)

The Role of Schools in Overcoming Bullying Cases at the High School Level

Maria Regina Jaga



Bullying can occur at all school levels, from kindergarten to high school, even to tertiary institutions. The article aims to describe bullying and aggression in Indonesia and the United States of America’s high school environments and to focus on the school’s role and programs for overcoming these problems. The study uses the literature review to examine available scientific literature on the role of schools in overcoming bullying cases. The content analysis of scientific literature was used. Based on the review, peer-relations, partnerships can form within community members that motivate and inspire students to better behavior or encourage them to find help when they need it. By adopting multiple strategies to some schools’ preventions program of bullying, schools will put themselves altogether to deal with bullying as soon as possible before it has resulted in anything tragic. The whole-school approach for promoting school harmony is desirable to use the multidisciplinary cooperation strategy conducted by involving all the students and includes teachers, school administrations member, and doctors to set up a long-term anti-bullying platform in schools. It was recommended that students be taught in the classroom everyday learning process how to treat and respect everyone and that there is no excuse for saying something mean or disrespectful to someone else.