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Effects of Bullying on the Academic Performance of Grade 3 Learners




The role of school in school is to help children develop their mental, physical, and moral abilities. The study determined the effects of bullying on the academic performance of Grade 3 learners in Kitcharao District, Division of Agusan del Norte, Philippines. The researcher in the study used the descriptive survey method. The test questionnaires were administered to 147 respondents. Physical bullying, verbal bullying has been affecting the academic performance of grade learners significantly. The study concludes that bullying in school, such as physical, verbal, and gang of bullies, has been happening in school often and disturbing to some extent the learners’ performance. These disturbances have only obtained average performance. The school should monitor without let-up bullying and strictly implement disciplinary action to it versus bullies to protect graders from disturbances of their learning process. Moreover, the teachers should always advise and guide their learners to shun away from resorting to bullying at all times.