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The Leadership Styles of School Heads in Bayugan North and Northwest Districts and the Efficiency of Teachers




Leadership styles push every member of the school organization to be active, eager, and desirous to accomplish the assigned task with sincerity, loyalty, and commitment to teaching work. The study attempted to determine the relationship between leadership styles and the efficiency of teachers in Bayugan North and Northwest District, Division of Bayugan City for the school year 2018-2019. The study used a descriptive research design. The study involved 125 respondents. It used a research instrument on leadership styles and the efficiency of the teacher’s questionnaire in gathering the data from the respondents. The statistical treatments used were the frequency count, percent, weighted mean, coefficient of correlation, and t-test of relationship in analyzing the data. The finding revealed that the school heads were adopting the democratic and authoritative leadership styles to maintain good relations and support from the subordinate teachers through cooperation, understanding, and teamwork, which enable them to attain the goals and objectives of the school organization. It was recommended that the school heads should maintain a democratic style of leadership in dealing with the subordinates. The teachers should maximize their efficiency in teaching, particularly in doing assigned work in coordinating extra-curricular activities in school. Future researchers should undertake research similar to this study to verify its result.