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Students’ Preferred Teaching Strategies in Songs and Dances




The teaching of this subject enables the students to learn more Philippine songs and dances, love their very own culture and country. The study determined the preferred teaching strategies in teaching Philippine songs and dances at Kibungsod National High School, Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental. This study used a mixed method of gathering data. The respondents of the study were the six (6) MAPEH teachers and 179 Grade 7 students of Kibungsod National High School. Based on the findings, the teachers are using varied teaching strategies for teaching songs and dances. In addition, the students preferred more on the technology-aided approach while the Kodaly method strategy is the least preferred. Moreover, MAPEH majors are needed in teaching the subject to have quality learning. It was recommended that the Department of Education officials, supervisors, and principals create more seminar workshops/training among all MAPEH teachers responsive to their specific needs to enhance their knowledge and skills of songs and dances. Teachers should engage the students in more meaningful and enjoyable activities, especially in folk songs and folk dances, and applying technology in their teaching so that students will more likely retain the lessons and love folk songs and folk dances.