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Students’ Motivation toward Online Learning: Basis for Policy Making




The online learning modality seemed to be demanding and stressful to some learners as there is a sudden shift from the traditional face-to-face learning modality. Although online learning is just one of the various modalities mandated by the Department of Education, some schools are having difficulty adjusting as well as the leaners, parents and teachers. Motivating students to continue learning during the COVID 19 pandemic is quite challenging on the part of educators. Even though most of the Philippines’ schools offer blended learning, students are still adamant about continuing their education. Hence, this study aimed to determine the level of motivation of students in online learning. It used numerical analysis and interpretation of results, while the Likert scale was used in the survey questionnaire. The used of descriptive-survey research design was implored to describe students’ motivation towards online learning amidst this pandemic. With the use of non-probability sampling, the respondents of this research were the 86 students of Pangasinan State University and Urdaneta City University, who answered the survey via Google forms. The results of this study showed that generally, the students were motivated in the conduct of their online classes whereas, class participation and good management of time in the conduct of the online classes are being observed. However, there are still problems encountered during the online classes such as poor internet connectivity and peer influences which hindered the flow of the teaching-learning process. With these issues raised about online learning, schools should establish a uniform strategy in utilizing online learning – that is, providing a stable internet connection to teachers primarily and work with other stakeholders to support learners’ needs in participating their online classes. Generally, the government should re-calibrate policies regarding the different learning modalities especially online learning, to continue and sustain quality education for every learner.