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HomeQSU Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2018)


Myra T. Sagun | Michelle W. Cortez | Ashley A. Matanong | Myra Rose C. Cirilo | Jovito C. Jovito C. Dulluog | Isagani M. Tesorio



The study was conducted during the First Semester of School Year 2017-2018 at the College of Information Technology and Computing Sciences of Quirino State University, Diffun Campus covering the Information Technology and Office Administration students. It aimed to identify the influences of Facebook use to studies of college students. Specifically, the study aimed to determine the profile, the respondents’ status by length as Facebook user/member, frequency of log-in to Facebook, hours spent on Facebook, purpose of usage, the self-perceived assessment of students on the influence of Facebook use to studies and the significant differences on students’ self-perceived assessment on the influence of Facebook use to studies. Data were analyzed using frequency count, mean, percentage, t-test and F-test. Majority of the respondents was female, 19-20 years old and were in their third year. All the respondents had Facebook accounts and most of them had been a member for more than a year already; they used Facebook every day, and at least once a week they spent 1-5 hours a week to communicate with their friends. Respondents agreed that Facebook can be used for communication, for educational purposes, and for entertainment. Female displayed higher mean on the level of agreement on the influences of Facebook to studies than male. The higher the age, the lower was the level of agreement on the influences of Facebook to studies. Significant differences existed on the influences of Facebook to studies when respondents were grouped by sex, age and year level.