HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 2 (2010)

Predictors of Research Dissemination and Utilization in State Higher Education Institutions in Region IV, Philippines

Mario A. Fetalver Jr.

Discipline: Education



The study focused on the determinants that influence research dissemination and utilization in State Higher Education Institutions in Region IV, Philippines. The needed data were collected using the survey questionnaire. The statistical tools such as weighted mean, standard deviation, frequency counts, percentage, ranks, and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used in the study. The respondents involved 289 informants; 67 of them were administrators completely enumerated, and 222 faculty members chosen by stratified proportional random sampling. Findings on research dissemination indicated that there is a need to strengthen the scheme of effective communication or diffusion of research outputs. However, findings on research utilization reveal to the much extent of its user but it calls for a mechanism to monitor and evaluate research utilization. Regression relationship analysis showed that there is significant relationship between research dissemination and research rewards, position, age, leadership skills, library facilities, agenda and priorities in research, goals and objectives in research and foreign funds. While, research utilization is predicted by their attitudes and interest in research, research networks and linkages, age, research training and library and library facilities, holdings and materials.