HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 2 (2010)

Reinventing Graduate Instruction in a Web Environment

Genaro V. Japos | Teresita T. Tumapon

Discipline: Education



The study explored the effectiveness of the Web-based instruction pedagogy in three graduate classes in the development of knowledge, skills, attitude, and values of the students. The study used the experimental pretest and posttest design in three settings. A researcher-made instrument was validated and tested for reliability using Cronbach alpha test (.84). The study concludes that the use of Web-based instruction significantly improved the students’ knowledge of the course and its bearing on the personal, professional and organizational development; enhanced their cognitive and metacognitive skills; developed their ability to use web-based technology; positively changed their attitude toward the use of online system for self-directed learning; and strengthened their commitment to collaborative learning, excellence, and quality research.