HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Teacher Education Journal)vol. 3 no. 1 (2021)

Language Learning Motivation and Demotivation Among English Major Students of Saint Michael College of Caraga

Lory Jean G. Berce | Jerlyn Grace P. Brillas | Mae Ann E. Macahis | Charmaine B. Abrea



The primary aim of this research was to determine the language learning motivation and demotivation among major English students at Saint Michael College of Caraga. A descriptive design was employed in which 170 major English students studying in two different programs: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and Bachelor of Arts Major in English Language college students were included. Also, Seven College English Instructors are added to know their credentials in teaching English courses. The study anchored on Gardner’s Socio-educational model for motivation and Kikuchi and Sakai’s framework for demotivation. A demotivation questionnaire was modified and adapted from Krishnan and Pathan’s (2013) study. A modified 20-item AMTB motivation questionnaire was also adapted from Al-Ta’ani’s (2018) study, distinguishing integrative and instrumental motivation. The closed-ended questionnaire was analyzed applying the following statistical treatment; frequency and percentage, weighted mean, correlation, and independent-sample t-test. The results showed that grammar-based teaching was the most significant demotivating factor and Integrative motivation emerged as the dominant source of motivation among students. The Findings have implications for teaching and learning the English language; therefore, the school should consider requiring major English students to participate in an enhancement program to strengthen their language learning at Saint Michael College of Caraga.