HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Criminal Justice)vol. 4 no. 1 (2021)

Dispute Resolution and its Effectiveness in the Municipality of Buenavista

Junlino J. Acbay | Joshua J. Acbay | Jane M. Caila | JISSREL G ACABO



Dispute resolution is a method of public needs assessment that aims to promote home and social peace at the community level. This study aims to evaluate the arbitration, conciliation, and mediation to implement the roles as the dispute resolution and its effectiveness in the Municipality of Buenavista. The data obtained through the questionnaire were analyzed and interpreted using the descriptive research method. The results show that out of 120 lupon tagapamayapa/barangay captain that most of them are at the age of 51 and above years old, mostly college graduate, male, with 5-9 trainings attended, and lastly, most of them are 3-5 years of experience as a lupon tagapamayapa. Also, the result shows that out of 10 barangays, 5 barangays have a case on the collection of slander, 4 barangays have 26-50 cases led per year, 3 barangays have 16-30 cases settled, and 10 barangays have 46 cases unsettled. Furthermore, the level of capacity among lupon tagapamayapa/barangay captain as to arbitration is sometimes observed in all cases. Conciliation and Mediation are consistently observed in all cases. This signifies the skills of dispute resolution among barangay captain/lupon tagapamayapa in Buenavista Agusan del Norte. The researchers recommend that the Barangay Captain and LuponTagapamayapa be more proactive in their present and potential dispute settlement activities over celebrated cases by improving their problem-solving skills.