HomeUE Research Bulletinvol. 22 no. 1 (2020)

Research Culture in UE: Present Status and Way Forward

Alexander C Balcoba | Mark Cleeford L. Quitoras | Lydia R. Leonardo



This study describes the research culture at the University of the East as gleaned from the awareness of university constituents on the importance of research, their actual research engagements, and research productivity in terms of publication. This study identified barriers that are perceived to hold up the desired pace of development of research in the university despite the implementation of provisions that seek to promote it. The researchers developed a survey questionnaire using a four-point Likert scale which contained questions on level of research awareness, research engagement, and the barriers that affect the development of the University’s research culture, and four openended questions which focused on the respondents’ observation on the University research culture, experience in conducting research, and comments on the Office of Research Coordination research activities. The survey was administered online to faculty respondents using Google Forms. Out of the 442 regular faculty members (tertiary and basic education), 358 semester-to-semester and probationary (tertiary), and school year-to-school year (basic education) faculty members of the University of the East from both the Manila and Caloocan campuses who were expected to participate, 246 respondents completed participation in the study. The online survey and unstructured interview were conducted for three weeks to ensure the availability and full participation of the faculty participants. Unstructured interviews were done to support the results of the survey.