HomePhilosophia: International Journal of Philosophyvol. 22 no. 2 (2021)


Danilo S. Alterado | Aldrin S. Jaramilla



This paper aims to institute that the folk song Pamulinawen is essentially a work of art descriptive of Ilokano cultural self-understanding. Specifically, it wants to elucidate that Pamulinanen, per se, is capable of self-assertion; it can usher itself to engage in a dialogue with the Ilokano beholder, and through the mediation of a common pagsasao (language), it embodies the individual and/or Nakem, the Ilokano collective identity. More than a popular song of courtship among the Ilokanos, the song Pamulinawen then attempts to increase knowledge about Ilokano kananakem (cultural self-understanding) so that it serves not only as a piece of Ilokano cultural entertainment but as a medium to express “Ilokano-ness" (Ilokano beingness). Through the qualitative methodology, this study mainly employs maiyannatup a panagripirip, a hermeneutical approach to appropriately philosophize on the Ilokano metaphysics, epistemology, and axiology. This approach consists of, among others, palpaliiw (observation) and the “Agcaoilon PAR” (“Punget-A-Ramut a balikas” or root-stem word).