HomeSulo: International Refereed Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciencesvol. 8 no. 1 (2020)

Self-compassion as determinant of classroom motivation

Cyrene Joseph Chua | Francis Angelo Gonzales | Jennifer Reyes



Variety of choices attracts interests of students that influence their drive, attention and decisions. To recognize what is best for one’s self does not need to come from outside influencers but by being kind to self, accepting of personal weakness, mindfulness. This study investigated on self-compassion as a criterion predicting academic motivation of students considering factors such as mastery of goals, need for achievement, authority expectations, peer acceptance, power motivation, and fear of failure. One hundred eighty responses from college students in select universities in Metro Manila, Philippines were gathered using scales to measure self-compassion and academic motivation. Among the six motivation factors, need for achievement was solely found to have no relationship with self-compassion and consequently not statistically determined by self-compassion. This study confirms that fostering self-compassion may contribute to the field of positive psychology and mental health.