HomeScience Asia Reviewvol. 3 no. 1 (2021)

Perceived Concerns, Issues, and Challenges on Professional Development of Secondary School Science Teachers

Soceline N. Batisla-ong, PhD



As DepEd continues to search the teacher’s need in facing the issues and concerns on professional growth, there is an increasingly strong demand for uplifting teacher’s agony in their teaching field. This descriptive-survey qualitative-quantitative research aimed to determine the perceived concerns, issues and challenges on professional development of secondary school science teachers. This research work involved 106 purposively chosen secondary school science teachers in the Fourth Congressional District of Iloilo. Two schools from each town were chosen, -- one big school (B) and one satellite school (S) which was chosen purposively because of its proximity to the town. Data were gathered using research-made questionnaires and underwent through validation process and pilot tested. Results revealed that the respondents’ topmost priority concern was school management and administration. Respondents also expressed that their topmost issue was “unresponsive basic curriculum”. Meanwhile, the respondents’ topmost challenge was “spotting and managing learners with disabilities”. Significant relationships among the perceived concerns, issues, and challenges on professional development of secondary school science teachers were revealed. Result showed there are factors that hinder to fulfill their further studies for professional growth. The results of the findings served as bases for the researcher’s advocacy on professional development.