HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 7 no. 1 (2011)

Plethora of Indian Education: Are We Following the Development Path?

Vipan Kumar | Naresh Kumar | Sapnanarula Sapnanarula

Discipline: Education



Although the Indian economy has experienced rapid growth over the past decade but the low levels of education and formal training of the workforce are a matter of concern. Workers without education and skills are stuck at the bottom of the labor market with low productivity and earnings. The lack of skills, the inability of the workers to adapt to changing technological and market conditions, constrain the growth of the economy and lead to a lop sided growth structure in which the majority of workers are not able to participate effectively in the development process. The study used the descriptive design. Higher education is equally suffering as 92% of the eligible population fails to reach higher education level. Therefore total number of PhDs in India remains low in comparison with the other developing countries like China which has expanded its higher education with respect to its growth. India requires therefore a mammoth growth in terms of enlargement of her education system. India requires nearly 2 million schools by the year 2030 to accommodate the students’ equivalent to 100% GER. This is a massive task both in terms of capacity building as well as governance.