HomeBENCHMARK: College of Business Research Journalvol. 3 no. 1 (2018)


Kristalyn Y. Bagarino | Kenneth Paolo A. Sanchez | Kaira S. Rhecel | Serdana Jey S. Lusaya



The researchers envision itself as an alternative meat product commercialize, promoting and producing the product of flavored banana flower gluten and to make sure to satisfy the customers and to determine if it's feasible to the target markets. The BSSL Food Processing Partnership also envisions itself to be that every meat is the best food that is available not only because it tastes good but also because it is unique compared the meats that they usually buy. The Partnership will create an environmentally friendly identity through undertaking the proper and efficient way of waste disposals to avoid harming and distorting others. The proponents chose partnership type of business ownership because a partnership is much easier to manage than the other business type and also its liabilities are limited to the partnership’s properties only. This study focuses on the management, market, financial, technical and socio-economic aspects of commercializing flavored banana flower gluten as an alternative meat. Every aspect discusses how to attain the overall feasibility of the proposed project. The researchers decide to form a partnership whereby labor, capital, and personal properties would be associated to Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) students whom they know about the flavored banana flower gluten as an alternative meat product. The management generates objectives that will help the management study to come up with the best result. The management aims to achieve the following objectives: To achieve a gross profit of P602, 659.50 before the end of the financial year. The target market of the proposed business, are vegetarians , chefs, cooks, and secondary market which is mothers. The researchers know that those chosen respondents can give the most applicable information's an answer about the proposed business. The business will have a contribution to the Philippine economy by paying taxes and business permits. It will also give a job to lessen the unemployed individuals. And also, the said business is willing to give donations to the affected area in case that a disaster happens to the Philippines. Our company's tax payments will show on the financial statement for the next 5 years.