HomeUE Research Bulletinvol. 10 no. 1 (2008)

Development of the Medical Emergency Caller System

Fernando Victor V. De Vera

Discipline: Health



Health service providers (HSPs) often require their patients to stay longer in the hospital if their condition needs full medical attention. However, most patients may feel uncomfortable as prolonging their stay would increase their hospitalization expenses.


This paper introduces the Medical Emergency Caller System (MECS). With this system, patients can stay home and still enjoy the same treatment and supervision by medical professionals. The system will alert the health service provider (HSP) whenever a patient sends out an emergency signal by pressing a button, and the HSP can then dispatch a medical team to attend to the needs of the patient. The system was evaluated with the use of the ISO9126 software tool using ratings based on Likert Standard. The results showed excellent rating in all areas covering: functionality, reliability, usability, maintainability and portability.