HomeQSU Research Journalvol. 8 no. 1 (2019)


Lorelie B. Marquez | Michele B. Ananayo | Jonah C. Celestino



Employers' feedback is an important piece of information about the performance of college graduates that must be considered by institutions to determine the importance and suitability of their curriculum, programs, and services. Employers are the best partners in assessing the employability of newly hired graduates. This study aimed to identify and assess the employers’ feedback on employability requirements and employability skills needed when hiring fresh graduates. It also aimed to unlock problems encountered by the alumni of Quirino State University, Diffun Campus, College of Information Technology and Computing Sciences (CITCS) in performing their tasks. It made use of a questionnaire as a main instrument. The employers who employed CITCS alumni batches 2016 and 2017 were chosen as respondents and with a total of thirty. The result of the test was properly tabulated and analyzed using frequency and percentage, T-test and Analysis of Variance. Results showed that most of the employers of the alumni are female, with mean age of 39.2 years old and mostly Ilocano; the employers consider school graduated from, work experience, personal attributes and key skills as deemed very important employability requirements; lack of personal attributes and key skills were not problems at all for them; sex of the respondents influenced their perception in relation to work experience as a requirement. In addition, the ethnicities of the respondents influenced their perception on communication skills and application of number.